The Harbors
Video Project
We are looking to expand our recordings and the locations at which we record. We'd love to work with anyone interested in working with us!

Boat Owners

The best way you can contribute currently is if you have a boat... take us out for a day's recording session!

A typical day involves deploying the cameras in the morning, then picking them up in the late afternoon or evening. We can also drop off one day and pick it up the next day.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to set up the cameras and start them recording, and only a minute or two to deploy each camera. Pickup is only a minute or two for each camera. Starting the cameras can be done at the dock before bording, so the majority of the time needed is travel to and from the camera locations. But typically this can be done in under 30 or 45 minutes round trip depending on the trip details.

If you are heading out on the water for the day and would like to help with transportation, that would be much appreciated! (If you are willing to let us borrow your boat for a day, that would be great too!)

Boats of any size -- from a motorized skiff on up -- are useful to us!

Fishermen, Lobstermen, Oyster Farmers, etc.

We'd love to work with you to get underwater footage of what you do... And would love to share the results with you.

If you have favorite spots, lobster traps, oyster farms, etc. and want to see what is going on "down there", we'd love to work with you to get that video footage. Obviously we'd like to be able to share this with others, but we understand if you have "secret spots" that you don't want to share. We have ways to "anonymize" the location, blur key features (such as fishing equipment), or we can restrict the video to a more limited audience (like researchers only), or keep them completely private if desired.

Schools and Organizations

We'd love to work with you to help further your educational and environmental goals. We can work with you to gather underwater footage that you can use to promote the work you do. We would also love to involve students or volunteers in exploring their world and would love to work out a program with you to help them do this. Contact us to discuss possibilities!