The Harbors
Video Project
The Harbors Video Project came about from an interest in the underwater world -- wondering "what is there" when looking out the window at a particular body of water.

Most underwater footage is of "exotic" locations filmed in ideal conditions. But the water that we live by, swim in, and fish on is mostly hidden to us. I got a glimpse of this world when I first started scuba diving and was shore diving off Rockport and Gloucester Massachusetts. The water was cold! But the sea life amazed me. It may not be as colorful as life in the Carribean, but it seemed just as varied -- sea anemonies, flounder, starfish, striped bass, lobster, and even the occasional shark and more!

This project grew out of this interest when I decided to start designing underwater cameras that could capture what is going on under the waves. Unlike scuba diving, the cameras are easier to deploy, allow you to stay warm(!) and dry, and the fish actually respond to the camera in a very different manner than when a person is in the water.

After doing a dozen or so test recordings, I decided it would be nice to share the videos with others and help expand the knowledge of our local waters, promote curiosity, and expand science and education. Thus the project and website were born.